Bluerhythmix uniforms are available from Dancewear by Lana in Mort St, Toowoomba. Dancewear by Lana have a complete list all Bluerhythmix uniform requirements. Just mention Bluerhythmix and they will be able to help you.
Girls uniforms consist of a purple leotard, with either a purple wrap skirt or black/purple rollover shorts. Students may wear a black or purple crossover jersey and black fitted leggings in winter, or they may choose to wear the studio black/purple rollover pants.
Boys may wear black or white T-shirt along with dance pants or basketball-style shorts in black or white. Skins or sports pants are also acceptable.
Ballet students wear regular ballet flats. Jazz students require slip-on boot style black jazz shoes and for Tap, female students require black tap court shoes, and males require black tap lace-up shoes. Pointe shoes may be required Pre-Elementary for female students when the teacher judges that the student is ready to move on to pointe exercises.