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Ballerinas Stretching


At Bluerhythmix, we take pride in our compulsory uniform. Wearing a uniform means being physically and mentally prepared for class allowing a student to participate in all aspects of the class.


Our uniform is designed for dance, meaning it is safe and practical for all kinds of movement. This uniform helps our teachers to see each student's alignment and posture in order to make technical corrections when needed.


Please contact us if you have questions or concerns with our uniform policy as we can be flexible with any mental, physical or financial issues.

second-hand uniforms
Facebook group

Bluerhythmix also has a second hand dancewear Facebook group available for all Bluerhythmix families.

Bluerhythmix uniforms are available

from Dancewear by Lana at 4 Prescott

Street, Toowoomba.

Please mention to their staff "Bluerhythmix"and your chosen dance style and they will be able to help out.

Dancewear by Lana

Contact Us

2/3 Darian St, Highfields, QLD 4352  |  Tel: 0407 968 047

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